“Your ideas and information are so practical –
but I never would have thought of them in
the state of mind I’m in right now.”

 “Thanks for the direction and encouragement.
You gave me the reinforcement I needed to stick it
 out and hold off for a decent settlement. Now I
understand all this stuff and how it’s going to affect me.”

 “Thanks to you I went back to my attorney prepared,
something I hadn’t done before. She was quite
surprised and treated me very differently - I could tell
 she didn’t like me questioning her but I also felt she
 had more respect for me in an odd sort of way.”

 “The information you gave me was ammunition.
Whoever said “knowledge is power” sure was right.
My eyes are wide open now. What a difference a few
hours with you has meant to not only my divorce but to
my self-esteem. Now I know I’m going to get through this,
 do things right and be better off for it. A million thanks to
 you and your great service. I only wish I had called you

“You’re always there in the back of my mind when I’m
making decisions about my divorce.”

“It was so very helpful for me to spend the time with you.
Attorneys just don’t tell you this stuff.”

“I opened the mail and, lo and behold, another valuable
bit of information was there from you. THANK YOU
EVER SO MUCH for all the great information you send
my way. I sometimes feel a bit overwhelmed by all of
the support and help you have given so openly. I am,
to put it lightly, most grateful. Sometimes we learn
things from others that we didn’t receive from our own
family. You are a great resource and a wonderful
example of personal strength and power and I am so
lucky to have found you.”

“You’ve been my foundation; you’ve been there preparing
me for the whole process. I don’t know how I would
have learned all of this without you. I probably wouldn’t
have learned it all and would have made some pretty
costly mistakes. There’s just so much to learn and do.”

“You make me focus on what is important to me - and
you make me laugh a lot, too. I haven’t laughed for
months! Thanks so much for getting me back on track.”


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